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Seasonal menu

Seasonal menu

Fresh chanterelles

Chanterelle Pasta

Ravioli with fresh chanterelles, spring onions and cherry tomatoes in herb cream sauce garnished with arugula and parmesan, served with side salad

€ 15,90

Flat bread wit chanterelles

Thin flat bread with crème fraîche, diced bacon, fine onion rings, fresh chanterelles and chives

€ 13,60


without bacon

€ 12,60

Home-made pork meatloaf

with fresh chanterelles in herb cream sauce, served with croquettes and side salad

€ 17,80

Escalope with Chanterelles in cream sauce

Breaded turkey escalope with fresh chanterelles in cream sauce served with home-made Swabian noodles and side salad

€ 18,50