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Our culinary delights


Carrot cream soup

with ginger, garnished with marinated chicken saté, served with baguette

€ 7,30

Beef goulash soup

served with baguette

€ 7,70

"Tafelspitz" Beef broth

with semolina dumplings and root vegetables

€ 6,60

Flat Bread

Thin yeast dough spread with cream, freshly baked in the oven, available with several toppings

Diced bacon and onion rings, gratinated with Gouda cheese

€ 11,90


Spinach leaves, mango and fried mushrooms, gratinated with Feta and Gouda cheese

€ 13,80

Fresh from the garden

Small garden salad

Small mixed seasonal salad with yoghurt dressing

€ 5,30

"Viktualienmarkt" salad

Mixed salad with home-made lentil patties, beetroot, roasted kernels and fried mushrooms, pumpkin seed vinaigrette

€ 16,10

Paulaner fitness plate

Mixed leaf salad with fresh fruit, slices of grilled chicken breast, yoghurt dressing and curry-dip

€ 17,10

Surf & Turf salad

Mixed seasonal salad with raspberry balsamico dressing, garnished with stripes of grilled beef steak and king prawns fresh from the grill

€ 19,60

Veggie / vegan

Home-made bread dumplings

with mixed mushrooms in herb cream sauce, served with side salad

€ 15,90

Veggie Burger

Vegetarian patty with onions, tomato, gherkin, lettuce, home-made burger sauce in burger bun served with French fries

€ 15,90

Home-made lentil patties

on grilled seasonal vegetables with pumpkin seeds and thyme potatoes

€ 13,90

Swabian noodles

Home-made Swabian noodles with mountain cheese and roasted onions, served with side salad

€ 15,90

Soul Food

Gourmet pan

Sliced beef fillet with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce served with Swabian noodles and side salad

€ 19,70

Sausage variety

with grilled sausage, fine pork sausage, white sausage and „currywurst“ with home-made curry sauce, sprinkled with madras curry powder, served with fried potatoes, sauerkraut, two kinds of mustard and ketchup

€ 18,90

Grilled pork knuckles

with sauerkraut and bread

€ 18,90

Grilled pork knuckles

with beer gravy, potato dumplings and cabbage salad

Preparation time for pork knuckles: 30 minutes

€ 19,90

Grilled Rump steak

with fried onions, herb butter, fried potatoes and oven vegetables

€ 24,90

"Brauhaus" Burger

Prime beef burger with bacon, onions, tomato, gherkin, lettuce, home-made burger sauce in burger bun served with French fries

€ 14,70

with cheese

€ 15,50


with vegetarian patty

€ 15,90

Breads and Pretzels


Fresh soft Pretzel with salt

€ 2,60

Pretzel with butter

Fresh soft pretzel with butter dish

€ 4,00

Pretzel with herb cream cheese

Fresh soft pretzel with herb cream cheese

€ 4,60

Pretzel with obazda

Fresh soft pretzel with obazda dish

€ 5,10


Radish with salt and freshly ground pepper served with buttered rye bread sprinkled with chives

€ 8,10

Bavarian Obazda

Bavarian cream cheese garnished with onion rings served with pretzel

€ 9,40

Obazda and herb cream cheese

Bavarian cream cheese and herb cream cheese with onion rings, radish and soft pretzel

€ 10,60

Bavarian favourites

Münchner Weisswurst

Two white sausages with sweet mustard served with pretzel

€ 8,40


Curry wurst from grilled pork sausage with home-made curry sauce, French fries and side salad

€ 14,70

second sausage

€ +3,50

Münchner Schweinsbraten

Roast pork in beer gravy with potato dumplings and sauerkraut

€ 17,30


½ grilled pork knuckles, breaded pork escalope, Bavarian meat loaf and white sausage with sauerkraut, potato dumplings and fried potatoes, beer gravy and two kinds of mustard

Big platter for up to 5 people possible

€ 20,70


Baked meat loaf topped with bacon and fried egg served with fried potatoes and side salad

€ 15,10


Two grilled sausages served with sauerkraut, fried potatoes and mustard

€ 13,90

Bayern Pfännchen

Mixed pan with grilled pork sausage, baked meat loaf, bacon, fried egg, fried potatoes, side salad

€ 17,10


Pork fillet medallions with mushroom cream sauce, croquettes and green beans wrapped in bacon

€ 18,60


Paulaner Schnitzel

Breaded pork escalope, topped with crispy bacon and fried egg, served with fried potatoes and side salad

€ 18,90

Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb

Two breaded veal escalopes with lemon garnish, served with fried potatoes, cranberry sauce and side salad

€ 22,40


Breaded pork escalope with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce, buttered Swabian noodles and side salad

€ 19,10

Frankfurter Schnitzel

Breaded chicken escalope with our green sauce (7 herb in sour cream) served with fried potato and side salad

€ 19,90


Home-made apple strudel

with vanilla sauce and walnut ice-cream

€ 7,70

Ice-cream by the scoop

vanilla, chocolate, walnut, sorbet cassis

€ 1,90

Whipped cream

Portion of whipped cream

€ 1,20


Shredded pancake with raisins and powdered sugar, served with apple sauce and vanilla sauce

€ 8,10

"Schwarzer Kater"

Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce

€ 5,40

Crème Brûlée

flamed with brown sugar

€ 7,50